Why IPS™?

Adopting IPS offers a significant number of benefits, not only to those people and companies associated with building, but also to those who dwell in them.

Below, we offer some visual aids in showing you the general “cost versus comfort” that IPS brings to the table.

Then, we offer you an overview of those who directly benefit from IPS — and that goes beyond the builder, building, and its inhabitants.

Who Benefits?



IPS™ products reduce noise, energy costs, emissions, and improve comfort and safety in living and work spaces.


The Environment

These system components are built to last 20 years or more and no compressors (and harmful gasses) are used.

There are huge reductions in CO2 emissions and all products are LEED certified.

Building Owner

Building Owners and Operators

Owners of motels, hotels, retirement homes, apartments and condominiums have seen utility cost reductions of 40-60% providing an ROI of less than two years when compared to through-the-wall or window-mounted units.



Lowered utility consumption results in lessened infrastructure costs. Demand-side management is a key factor in avoiding blackouts during the hottest and coldest times of the year. IPS™ technology was developed with a major US utility provider to reduce their overall operating and maintenance costs.


HVAC Industry

If you are interested in providing your clients with the best solution then look no further. Competition is keen and we will provide the necessary training and support for your company to be a leader in the current market.