Vertical Air Handler Basic (a2 B)
Belt-Driven Air Handlers

Vertical Air Handler Basic

Part Number: A2-B

The Vertical Basic Belt-Driven Air Handler (A2-B) draw-through designs are available for either indoor or outdoor applications and are equipped with a blower that can handle up to 3.75 ESP. The A2-B is housed in heavy-gauge galvanized cabinet and insulated with ½-inch thick, over three pound, neoprene-coated fiberglass. The A2-B comes with a ½-inch OD copper tube coil, forward-curved, dynamically balanced belt-driven blowers, motor, and a galvanized steel, powder-coated epoxy drain pan insulated with ⅛-inch thick insulation. A flat filter section, with a two-inch, 30% pleated efficiency filter is included. Access doors are located on both sides of the unit for easy maintenance. Supply and return-air openings have a one-inch duct collar.

Cooling Capacity

Based on 80°F DB and 67°F WB EAT, 10°F temperature rise, high fan speed. Motor voltage 115/1/60 power source. Air flow under dry coil conditions. Water pressure drops shown in feet of water.

Heating Performance

Based on 70°F DB EAT, 180°F EWT, 40°F temperature drop, high fan speed. Motor voltage 115/1/60 power source.
Air flow under dry coil conditions. Water pressure drops shown in feet of water.



  •  800 to 12,000 CFM
  •  Belt-driven, draw-through design with forward-curved and dynamically balanced blowers
  •  Cabinet is manufactured of heavy-gauge galvanized steel and insulated with 1/2” thick, over three-pound density, neoprene-coated fiberglass
  • Built for indoor applications and are equipped with blowers that can handle up to 3.75 inches of total static pressure
  •  Access doors are provided on both sides of the unit for easy maintenance and are equipped with spring-loaded clips
  •  Coils are manufactured of  1/2” OD copper tube with aluminum fins and are 100% underwater pressure tested to 350 PSI with a 300 PSI working pressure
  • Galvanized drain pan is finished with a powder-coated epoxy, 1/8” thick insulation and features primary and secondary drain connections
  •  Adjustable, variable-pitch drive sheave and cast-iron pulley keyed to motor shaft
  •  Controls and motors are factory-wired and terminated in a junction box for single-point power supply
  •  Size 800 to 4,000 CFM models are equipped with vibration isolators
  •  Two-inch thick, flatly mounted, 30 percent pleated efficiency filter
  •  One-inch duct collar on return- and supply-air openings
  •  Protective covers keep the grille openings free of debris during shipment and construction
  •  Individually tagged, crated and shipped as scheduled for installation
  •  ETL and AHRI certified;  100% factory tested


Accessories Options

  • Valve package controls – wide selection of factory-mounted valves and controls
  • Mixing Box
    • Manual
    • Motorized
    • Modulating
    • 3-Position Economizer
  • Filters
    • Two-inch
    • Washable
    • Metallic
    • V-bank
  • Thermostats




  • DX
  • Chilled-Water
  • Hot-Water
  • Electric Resistance
  • Steam

In any combination of the above


  • Thickness up to 1″
  • Fiberglass
  • Foil-face
  • Elastomeric


  • Copper fins/tubes
  • Phenolic-coated
  • Stainless-steel end plates
  • Right or left connections
  • Freeze protection
  • Custom fin spacing

Drain Pan

  • Stainless-steel
  • Extended
  • Drip tray
  • Condensate float switch
  • Condensate pumps


  • Marine duty
  • Extensions


  • Motors
    • 115, 208, 230, 277, 460, or 575
    • Single or three phase
    • 50 or 60Hz
    • ODP (open drip proof)
    • TEFC
    • Single speed or two speed
  • Line or low voltage
  • 1 to 65 kW electric resistance heat
  • Disconnects
    • Fused
    • Non-fused
  • Condensate Float Switch
  • Condensate pumps
  • Thermostats
  • UV Light
  • Controls
  • Flow control

Further Information

None available with this product.